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How to attract customers with a marketing strategy

Now that you’ve understood what marketing strategy is, and know how important it is to your business, we’ll help you with a few key elements so you can attract more customers.

Of course, every business has a different audience it wants to reach. Therefore, that doesn’t mean that all actions will be right for you. The important thing here is to realize the number of elements you can use to increase your promotion and use those that are the most adequate for your persona.

In addition, you should also know that you don’t have to choose just one marketing strategy for your business. With planning, you can create more than one action for your brand. Over time, you will realize what works and can undo what is not relevant to your business.

1. Blog

A blog is one of the best-known strategies and is used by those who want to attract customers in an organic manner online and to deliver educational and quality content. Because, when you have a blog you can write posts that answer different questions (from the most basic to the most technical) and that show specific solutions for your audience.

Do you still have questions about how to get started with this marketing strategy? Read our post with the complete step-by-step process to create your blog

2. SEO

There’s no use in having a blog with lots of interesting content for your audience if your posts are not accessed. This is why you need to apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques in your posts, so that your page appears in the top places of search engines such as Google.

Work your keywords well in your texts, test titles that catch the attention of users, write full content and really educate your audience. The important thing is to optimize all your posts so that people can reach your content whenever they search for a term related to your niche.

3. E-mail marketing

Many people still have the idea that email is no longer a good marketing strategy; after all, many users don’t even bother to read any messages forwarded to them. But that’s not what happens, especially if your emails have interesting content for people, not just advertising for your products or services.

Create a newsletter, for example, and send important information via email to people who leave their email addresses on your page. Also send rich materials, such as more elaborate e-books.

This is a way of maintaining communication with your potential customers via email and also to keep them engaged with your brand.

4. Social networks

Social media, in general, is a great channel to communicate with the public, mainly because it’s currently difficult to find someone who doesn’t use any of these forms of socializing. As a marketing strategy, what you need to do is understand where your persona is: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Snapchat? You’re likely to have to conduct marketing actions on more than one social network, but be careful not to push yourself too hard in places where your audience is not. And remember: your social networks also need to provide content that adds value to users. So don’t merely advertise your brand all the time.

5. Video Channel

Did you know that over 40% of people say they have a preference for consuming content in video format?

That’s why platforms such as YouTube are increasingly becoming famous and being used by many industries, whether they’re online or not.

The truth is that when you create videos, you can transmit valuable information to your audience that is easily consumed. So why not use videos to advertise your products and services?

Besides YouTube, there are other forms of monetizing with videos, and you can understand this better by reading this text about making money from videos online – in addition to YouTube.

6. Sponsored links

Sponsored links are ads linked on other pages, usually one that is related to your business, for which you pay to be promoted.

The purpose of these links is that other people searching for topics similar to yours but still don’t know your product or service, can find you on other blogs, social networks and websites in general that they follow.

A marketing strategy that has pleased users immensely is native ads. This is because this form of paid advertising doesn’t disrupt users’ browsing and experience on the pages they’re on.

7. Out of Home (OOH) Digital Media

Recently, it has become common to find LED panels or screens on elevators and buses, for example, with various advertisements.

If your goal is to promote your business expansion in your geographic region, this is another way to be promoted your brand further. But again, you need to always think where your audience is and if that strategy is even interesting for your business.

8. Radio, TV, magazines and newspapers

Just like OOH digital media, advertising in mass media and print media depends a lot on your type of business and the communication channels your audience most uses.

In addition, you also need to plan on the expenses you will have; after all, this type of marketing strategy usually requires a larger investment.

9. Events

Regardless of whether your business is physical or online, creating events to interact with your market is also a great way to advertise your brand.

These events can be small for a company with which you want to create a partnership, or even larger, open events for the public, in order to attract new customers and educate your audience in person.

Even for those working online, everything involving people requires empathy. So it’s interesting that you create events so that people get to know and even get to see you. This will make them realize possibilities that, if only shown online, could go unnoticed.

10. Partnerships

Starting partnerships, especially in the digital market, is an efficient way to increase your business’ reach. However, finding good partners who are aligned with your work model is not always an easy task.

There are several types of partnerships you can pursue, for example:
  • Exchanging guest posts with other blogs
  • Collaboration on a YouTube channel (when one YouTuber records with another on both channels)
  • Co-production of e-books or newsletters
  • Promotion in the social network of a digital influencer
The important thing about this type of marketing strategy is that you can identify partners that can help you attract more customers and for whom you can do the same. Thus, there will be an increase in both audiences.

11. Promotions

Finally, create promotions that encourage users to buy more or bring new customers to your page.

Have you seen certain Instagram profiles creating sweepstakes of gifts and the regulation is that you comment with the ‘@’ of other people who still don’t know the brand?

This is a marketing strategy that certain profiles use to become better known as well as gain more followers.

Another type of promotion you can do is an up-sell, down-sell or cross-sell as soon as a person finishes buying some of your products. With this, users may be interested in making another purchase on your website.

How to set up your marketing strategy

Now that you’ve seen the 11 ways to attract more customers, it’s important to know what you need to do to precisely choose the best marketing strategy for your business. After all, it doesn’t mean that just because you apply all these elements, your audience numbers will increase.

So, before you create actions on all communication channels, consider the following:
  1. The persona for whom you created your product or service
  2. The market in which you are inserted
  3. Trends in your area of expertise
  4. What your competitors have been doing
  5. The results you expect from your marketing actions
  6. The conversion rate of each communication channel you are using
  7. The maximum investment you are willing to make.
With this insightful information, you’ll be able to realize which strategies are working for your business and you can focus more on those that really provide returns. Remember, it’s very important to measure everything you do to make sure that your work is not in vain and that you are making a profit.

So, do you already know which marketing strategy is best for you? To help you further, also read our post on how to perfectly launch a product.
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