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What is HLR Lookup?

Home Location Register or HLR is a central database that contains details of each mobile subscriber registered with a mobile network. The HLR record comprise of IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) which is a unique identifier for each SIM card. The HLR holds other meta information like Mobile Switching Centre (MSC), Mobile country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC).

HLR lookups helps in finding out information related to the status of any mobile phone number. It provides information on the home network of a mobile subscriber, whether the number is valid, whether the number is active, whether the number is on roaming or whether the number is ported to some other network.

Common Industry Challenges.

Currently businesses have to deal with the challenge of working with obsolete databases which don’t have real time information of their target audience.

Many of the business houses are working with databases that have invalid and not active mobile numbers that cause wasteful expenditure of their limited resources.

Businesses have no idea of whether the mobile numbers in their database are unavailable or in roaming. They don’t have information on which mobile numbers are ported to other networks which may cause them additional cost.

The lack of information on the mobile numbers, which are recently ported, may impact their customer engagement. They may also face the challenge of sending confidential information to unauthorized mobile numbers.

Features of Netrut Global HLR Lookup

Netrut Global HLR Look up service gives real time information which helps in getting accurate information about a mobile subscriber that includes details are as below;
  • Whether number is reachable or in network?
  • Whether number is roaming or not? If in roaming then in which network currently registered
  • Whether the number is ported ? if ported whats the current mobile operator.
  • Get IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber Identity
  • Get Network Code MCC & MNC
  • Get Operator Name along with Country
  • Get 2 digits ISO Country Code
  • Get MSC in which the number is currently signed into.
  • Whether the number is registered with DND? (Supports only Indian mobile numbers)
Simple & Easy to Use HTTP API : HTTP API is used to streamline and support HTTP requests. Our HLR Lookup service incorporates HTTP API which simplifies and paces up the look up process. The real time HLR Look ups can be done using Synchronous API.

Bulk File Upload Option : Customers have the facility to upload excel/csv/txt files to get multiple HLR Look up results as an output file.

Global Coverage : Our HLR lookup service covers almost 100+ countries and 1000+ networks to provide the customers most accurate and updated real time information.

Advantage of Global HLR Lookup Service.

  • Cost Saving
  • Maintain updated database.
  • Effectively target customers
  • Create better engagements
  • Real Time information
Cost Saving : HLR look up helps in saving communication cost by identifying inactive and obsolete numbers. You can easily remove all the invalid numbers from your database.

Effectively target audience : If you wish to target your promotions to specific audience, you can easily identify specific mobile operators in an area and target them.

HLR for engagement : By identifying the mobile numbers which are recently used you can get a clear idea about the audience which are more likely to respond to your communication efforts.

Validate bulk data : HLR lookup can work with bulk data and is very effective in cleaning database through batch operations.

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