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Election Special Campaigning Products

Election Special Campaigning Products

India is the largest democracy of the world and election process is most critical for smooth functioning of the democracy. Effective communication forms the backbone of the election process. For political parties and its candidates reaching out to each and every voter is utmost important. The elections dates have been announced in 5 states namely Punjab, Goa, Manipur, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand..

The voters consists of adults which are aware, informed, educated as well as the voters which are unaware, uninformed and uneducated. For political parties and candidates, its a huge challenge to reach out to such a diverse target audience and communicate their competency. Netrut has well researched on the communication challenges of the candidates in reaching out to the voters. After thorough research we have designed "Election Special Campaigning Products" integrated in a single platform which serves any and every need of candidates and political parties in effectively reaching out to the voters.

Let's explore how Achariya's Innovative Cloud Communication Technologies can boost the election campaigns.

Resellers Guide to maximize revenue through Netrut's “Election Special Campaigning Products”

The candidates and various political parties are eager to win over the hearts of nearly 16.80 Cr people in the 5 states namely Punjab, Goa, Manipur, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. To reach such a large population, the candidates would require latest and reliable technology to communicate their competencies to the voters.

Netrut is well prepared with its huge cloud infrastructure to manage effectively the digital election campaigns through a single platform. Our platform include services which will cater to any and every need of the candidates in successfully running their digital campaign. Our "Election Special Campaigning Products"
We are sure that you would not want to miss out on this golden opportunity to generate huge revenue. For more information on how to maximize your income from the upcoming election. Download our Election Guide for Resellers.

Its election time and through Achariya's "Election Campaigning Special Products" you have a sure shot way to become a winner irrespective of the election results. We hope you win by massive numbers that reflects in your revenue stream.

SMS Campaign- Few characters to victory

The candidates can reach out to the voters through this personalized form of communication. The SMS campaign can be run in 12 regional languages to engage voters more effectively. The campaign can be easily scheduled through Online Campaign Manager with unlimited scheduling options. It also have DND filters which will avoid sending SMS to DND numbers. The best part of this service is that you have to pay only for the delivered SMS which will ensure maximum Returns on Investment (ROI).
Netrut SMS Platform USP's.
  • 1000 Dedicated TPS to effectively handle huge volume, i.e 4.3 Cr SMS in 12 hours.
  • Cloud Tele Platform ensures 99.99% platform uptime
  • Easy & Effective Online Campaign Manager with Unlimited Scheduling Option
  • Hassle Free DND Filtering and Number Validations.
  • Pay Only for Delivered SMS billing model maximize your Return of Investment (ROI)

Voice Blast- Your Voice, Your Vote

Through Netrut's Bulk Voice Broadcasting Technology candidates/political parties can reach to a large number of voters and send pre-recorded messages in the language of their choice. The candidates can convince the voters in their own voice to vote for them. This service will help in reaching out to the voters even who are uneducated. The calls can be sent on mobile as well as land line numbers. The voice calls can be easily scheduled with Online Campaign Manager which allows unlimited scheduling options. The best part is that the candidates have to pay only for answered call which ensure greater return on investment.
Netrut Voice Platform USP's
Netrut having exclusive tieup with Reliance Communication Ltd to facilitate on demand voice lines from any circles in India, so scaling up the voice lines is virtually unlimited based on customer commitments.
  • Voice Servers are placed in Reliance IDC (Kerala,Mumbai,Delhi,Bangalore,Chennai)
  • Proprietary developed dialers ensure huge volume of calls
  • Capacity to handle 5000+ Concurrent Calls i.e 2 Cr Calls in 12 hours with Scale up to 1 Lakhs Calls*
  • Customized Solutions for Resellers/PR Companies
  • Easy & Effective Online Campaign Manager with Unlimited Scheduling Option
  • Hassle Free DND Filtering and Number Validations
  • Pay Only for Answered billing model maximize your Return of Investment (ROI)
Rental Schemes: PRI Lines/Hardware/Server Collocation/SaS on rental basis also available for big voice call aggregators based on committed call volumes. Will also get benefited from Local Call Billing if setup in the circle you want to broadcast calls.

Know Your Candidates

Lets public call or missed call to a number to "Know their Candidates" and election manifesto, when a calls arrive it simply reject the call and initiate immediate call back and play the audio of election manifesto and candidate details

Know the Trend

Include a Simple IVR in the Voice Blast or include Missed Call number in the SMS and collects the statics and tabulate the trend how many voters are expressed their interest.

Follow Your Candidates

Lets public follow their candidates by simply subscribing through SMS or Miss Call and get regular updates from Candidates via SMS or Voice Calls

Booth Reporting

Lets election volunteers/ committee members reports to higher authorities through Smart 2 Way Messaging & Mobile Applications or WAP Sites

Virtual Meeting

Lets candidates/party leaders communicate and conduct meetings with party volunteers/ committee member's upto 25 members through our Cloud Call Conference Technology

Campaign For Me

Campaign For Me is a multi compatible smart phone application once downloaded party volunteers/public can promote their favourite party or candidates by sending Free SMS & Voice Calls to their phone contacts.

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