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Unique Features of our SMPP Server

Are you an International/Local Bulk SMS Aggregator or Reseller and looking for a stable plug and play SMPP Server?

Now forget about the complex handling of Kannel & OpenSMPPBox to manage your SMS Business, switch to our SMPP Server and just focus on your Customers.

Our SMPP Server is a powerful product developed with SMPP Protocol to manage your Complete SMS Business, it can works effectively with your existing Kannel or any other 3party Applications based on SMPP 3.4 & 5.0 Version
No more coding required every options can be managed through an extremely user friendly control panel even without any depth technical knowledge.

Simple User Management

Creating New SMPP Users is easier than never before through the user friendly web interference. You can Create Unlimited SMPP Users.

Support 2000 TPS

No worry about the scalability as your business grow, our SMPP Server supports upto 2000 TPS (Lab Tested).

Intelligent Q Management

No need to worry even if your connection with SMSC is lost or not stable, our SMPP Server automatically balance the load and hold the messages till the SMSC become stable.*

Easy Routing Rules

Route the messages into the right SMSC to get maximum benefit of low cost routes, while creating new SMPP users you have the option to select routing rules for your customers based on the business agreement.

Easy Prefix & Number Series Management

In certain countries SMS termination cost to each network is different. You can customize the billing for each country and network based on the country prefix and number series.

You have also the option to set country flat rate also in case you don't have complete number series or number series not found for that country.

Fully Automated Billing

Fully customizable & automated billing system where you can define your own credit value for each country or network, SMS credits will be debited according to the billing value configured by you in each country (prefix) and network (number series)

Unlimited Routes (SMSC)

No more coding/editing required in the kannel.conf file to add new routes into the system, just do it from the Easy to Use Web Interference and Click "Update" to restart the SMSC for making the new route live.

Secure IP Binding(SMSC)

You can decide how users need to bind to your SMPP Server whether IP Based binding or Open Binding, if open binding then system will authenticate based on Username & Password.

Easy Template Management

In certain countries telecom rules & regulations allows to send transactional sms to Dont Disturb Number (DND) only through a separate account and its a big headache for SMS Aggregators to ensure that all messages which are triggered through the Transactional Gateway are transactional in nature.

Our Easy Template Management allows you to filter the messages based on pre-approved templates which ensures that you will not fined by the telecom regulatory in your country

You have the flexibility to Turn ON/OFF this option for each SMPP Users based on the business agreement

Sender ID Management

In many countries Sender need to be whitelisted/approved before submitting messages, you can manage your customers Sender ID easily with option to whitelist and map as much as Sender ID to your customers SMPP Account

You have the flexibility to Turn ON/OFF this option for each SMPP Users based on the business agreement

DND/Blacklist Management

We have made the DND number scrubbing part simplified, you can import DND/Blacklisted numbers to your SMPP Server easily through the web interference

You have the flexibility to Turn ON/OFF this option for each SMPP Users based on the business agreement

We also have updated DND dump for India.

Delivery Timing Management

Sometimes you need to restrict delivery timings of SMS for example in India marketing SMS cant be delivered between 9 PM to 9 AM, so if you enabled this feature then SMS which received after the allowed timings will be rejected by our SMPP Server with relevant error code.

You have the flexibility to Turn ON/OFF this option for each SMPP Users based on the business agreement


360 Degree view of all type of SMS Reports including the activity logs of your SMPP Users, options also to send automatic daily MIS report to SMPP Users via email (support SMTP Configuration also)

Spam Filtering

Define your own Spam Keywords to avoid Spam messages sending through your platform

Easy Controls

No need to login to the hyper terminal/CLI to manage your Kannel, you can do all the actions from your control panel itself with mouse clicks, like STOP,START,RESTART etc

Sub User Management

Create unlimited sub users for your organization to manage your SMPP Server like Support, Billing, Monitoring team etc

Option to assign different roles & privileges to your sub-users

Superb Responsive Web Control Panel

All the features of SMPP Server can be managed/controlled from anywhere through its integrated web control panel.

Its responsive design allows you to control/monitor your SMPP Server even from your Mobile Phones

System Requirements

SMPP Server works only with Linux OS

Hardware requirement based on your SMS Volume/TPS


We have 2 types of license

Out Right Purchase: You can purchase the SMPP Server with a one time cost and the license valid for a server lifetime with 1 year free update. One Time Software Cost applies

Cloud SMPP Server : In this plan the SMPP Server will be hosted and managed by our engineers and we will procure the best hardware based on your requirements. You will be provided with a control panel to view and manage your SMPP Server. One Time Setup Cost + Monthly Rent Applies

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