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1. Posting Daily Content
2 . Interaction Engage
3. High Targeted Ads
1. Daily Posting
2 . Talking With Fans
3. High Targeted Ads
1. Posting To Business Page
2 . Interaction withFollowers
3. High Targeted Ads
1. Daily Twewting
2. Responding to Mentions
3. Community By Others
1. Posting Daily Content
2 . Interaction Engage
3. High Targeted Ads
1. Posting Daily Content
2 . Interaction Engage
3. High Targeted Ads
1. Posting Daily Content
2 . Interaction Engage
3. High Targeted Ads
1. Posting Daily Content
2. Interaction Engage
3. High Targeted Ads

How do We Manage Social Media Marketing..?

But you might wonder how do we make all this possible, we publish creative and innovative content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc… you share your views with a larger audience and by user engagement we help you build credibility. And thats not all no information is interesting without a touch of wit and humour, which is when we put our thinking caps on and write some of the most hilarious and interesting content.


Research & Strategy


Social Marketing requires extensive research and analysis. This includes brand analysis, competitors in market, present trend, demographics & most importantly behaviour.


Social Media Bookmarking


As per the strategy, we custom design the creatives, infographics, videos and creative content to delight your targeted audience. We make sure your consumers appreciate your social media engagement.


Monitoring & Reporting


Looking to host an event? Need quick sign-up’s, we can reach your targeted audience in a quick time with cost effectiveness. Promote your content on social media with our social media advertising services.


Profile Setup


On the basis of the strategy, we design cover images and fine tune the logo to match the theme. We make sure the setup is appropriate not just channel wise but also device wise.


Influencers Marketing


Identifying the influencers in your industry, approaching them to publish about you is something which can give you success over a night. We all do this dedicatedly for you. We also write content on third party websites to promote your social media fan page.


Social Media Audit and Strategy


We evaluate the current performances of all your social media pages to develop strategies for improvement.


Daily Update


As per the strategy, we custom design the creatives, infographics, videos and creative content to delight your targeted audience. We make sure your consumers appreciate your social media engagement.


Contests & Sweepstakes


Contests & sweepstakes are the kind of activities which can fetch huge social media following in a very short span of time, if done rightly. ShootOrder is highly creative to host awesome contest to get desired outcomes.


Social Media Advertising


Drive instant traffic, impact your brand’s outreach, grab more leads to improve your ROI with our steady social media campaigns.




Engagement is the key for any successful social media campaign, organically we publish your posts in various communities & group of relevant interest.


Social App Development


Social Media App can make your operations easy, you can engage with your consumers in a more channelised manner. Moreover these also helps in increasing the following on your social media profile.


Content Creation and Promotion


Digital Markitors helps you create a buzz across the social media platforms with our crisp, relevant, and interactive content.


Social Listing and Monitoring


We keep a watchful eye over social conversations around your interests so that you can discover more opportunities.


Multi-Channel Integration


Reach your full potential with our effective multi-channel integration strategies to efficiently connect with your audience.


Tracking and Reporting


We regularly track social media metrics, measure performance, and analyse the campaigns to provide you with complete reports.

More Reason To Choose Netrut

 Regular Posting


we Do Not Skip updating Your Social Media Pages.Because What We Commit Deliver


Positive User Engagment


       Engagement on Social Media Content is the Toughtest part ofSocial Media Marketing,

we Make Sure To Engage Positively

We Are Creative


                  Delighting your Social Media Following is the major objective if social media Optimization our Creative will enhance your organization outlook

Your Reputation Is Our Reputation


Yes And We Don’t Take Risk on Your Reputation. So You Are In Good Hands


Timely Response


                 The Account Manager are Always at Your Service to serve you with your requirements And assist you in understanding the Execution



Spamming is Never Going To Help You and if you arelooking to spam, we are not found


 Duplicate Content


Content is the king on Internet andWe Don’t Try To Create Duplicate King


   Copyright Infringements


We Understand The Legalities and Never Used The Copyright Creatives in our

Social Media Managment


 illicit Business


We Are Not Here To Serve You For Once, Whereas We Want to Grow Old With You


 No Fake Commitment


               What We Sy Is What We Deliver.Everything Take Time And Social Media Marketing Take Time As well


  • Sarah S. – New York, NY – B2BECards.com Angela Stoner and her team at Bearly Marketing have made my work life SO much easier!  I am competent at social media but I found that it took way more of my time than it should have and I needed to be focusing my energies on creating new content and serving my existing customers.  Angela has taken the burden of social media away from me.  My social media traffic has increased and my work load has decreased.  It is so liberating!!
  • Carrie C. – Columbia, MI – Speech and Language Kids Plain and simple, our creative team would not be what it is today without Angela and her staff. They are experienced, energetic, and eager to help. And, we are excited to work with them again and again.
  • Ramona G. – Athol, ID – SmarterManager.com Bearly Marketing is everything I’d hoped for and more. I was really impressed with their lightening quick understanding of our company brand and ability to produce original, clever and meaningful posts every week. They are brilliant at transforming our ideas into great social media marketing. We are now reaching a bigger audience with a more positive, engaging message. In a snapshot, Angela is a marketing genius. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by hiring Bearly Marketing today.


What Are New Trends in The Field Of Social Media Marketing...?

Change is the constant in social media with changing habits, platforms evolve, and new platforms come into existence. Detailed data draws a clear picture of consumers use and react to social media messages. Expect to experience more well planned social media campaigning in 2020.

With a 9% growth over 2019, 3.484 billion people use social media across the globe. The world experienced a runaway growth explosion than ever before. This means brands can now identify and reach large audiences.

“I think that this year, we’ll be seeing more of a change in the way social media users act online; I think that digital detox will become more prevalent this year, with many people trying to limit the amount of time they spend on social media.

“I also think that there will continue to be a big push towards making social media more private and secure for its users – this has been a big problem recently and many people are just realizing how truly dangerous a lack of online privacy can be. And these things, of course, will have a big impact on marketing too – brands and marketers need to be on top of these trends and act accordingly.”

Why Social Media Is Important...?

Your target audience are definitely active on one or more social networks where billions of people spend time daily. Brands commit resources to social media marketing to boost awareness, drive traffic, interact with customers, drive sales, build loyalty, and win advocates.

The Role Of Social Media...?

Social media users connect, share and publish information online. It allows news, videos or any important information to propagate to wider audiences within seconds. Some of the popular social media channels are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, blogs and forums.

How Does Social Media Marketing Work...?

Reaching out to a large audience within seconds with your promotional message is Social Media marketing. Social media establishes a dialogue with brands directly.

Does, Social Media Leads Generate..?

Comments and discussions lead to awareness of the brand. Recommendations or a good word from a friend is a major influencer. Social media popularity is picked up search engines and helps drive traffic.

Can Social Media Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing

Careful monitoring and measurement will clearly indicate the medium that is productive. All digital services are measurable, and effectiveness of advertising mediums vary based on target audience and demographics. A systematic measurement exercise will accurately indicate the best medium that works for your business.

What is Diffrence Between Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Marketing..?

The term Social media marketing includes search engine optimization, Google adwords, blog marketing etc. also known as inbound marketing, SMM attracts people to the brand rather than the brand making an effort to connect with customers through outbound marketing.