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Conferences/Meetings are an essential part of all growing companies. A better decision can be made only through many in-depth discussions. It is easy to conduct meetings if all the participants are available in person at the office but what if they are not physically available in one location?

Here comes Our Unique "Cloud Dial-Out Call Conference Services", which enables you to connect with all your remote participants through a single call.

Traditional Call Conferencing allows only 3 or 5 Way Conferencing but our Dial-Out Conferencing allows you to have an audio conference with upto 30 Individuals and the Addresser can fully take control of the conference through a Simple Web Panel/Mobile Applications. Loaded with many extra features like Mute, Mute All, Unmute, Kicking a Particular Attendee from the Conference, starting a sub-conference and merging into the ongoing conference room and many more..

Where to Use

Conference service is required in every industry and organization for the effective and smooth functioning.

Sales Meetings: It is easy and quick to conduct a weekly sales meeting with all your Sales Managers from different branches.

Support & Solutions: It is effortless and less time consuming to resolve an issue raised by a customer by the usage of conference service. The customer and the technical team executive / support team executive can simultaneously be taken into the conference for resolving the issue.

LIVE Audio Broadcasting: "LIVE Audio Broadcasting" of your events/speech/lecture to a mass audience is now quick and easy through our Dial-Out Conference.

HR Meetings & Group Meetings: Group Interviews and GD's can be made much easier with our Dial-Out Conference.

Save 50% Cost with Our Dial-Out Conference

YES IT'S TRUE! SAVE 50% COST If you have been using the Dial-In conference, then we can save your 50% Running Cost with our Dial-Out Conference. In Traditional Dial-in conferences both Addresser (Company) & Attendees need to bear the call charges, where in our Dial-Out Conference only the Addresser (Company) need to bear the call charges so its completely toll free for the attendees.

Comparison Vs Dial-Out & Dial-In Conferences

Now lets compare and find the differences of our Dial-Out Conference Platform and Traditional Dial-In Conferences
Dial-Out (Netrut) Dial-In (Others)
Reservation Less, Start at Any Time Reservation Required
No Dial-In Number, Simply answer the call Need to remember Dial-In number
No PIN required Need to remember PIN
Web GUI & DTMF Controls Control through DTMF Only
Support Sub-Conference Sub-Conference not supported
Only the company pay the charges, toll free for attendees (Saves 50% of your Cost) Double Charges (Both Company & Attendees need to pay for call charges)
Multi Compatible Mobile Application Not Mobile Ready
Flexible Pricing & Pay As You Go Plans Monthly Commitment Required
No Setup Charges One Time Setup Charges required
One Click Conference Manual Dial-In required
Start Conference by SMS Not Possible
Upto 30 Individuals (Reservation Less) Need Reservation
LIVE Mass Broadcaster Not Possible
Robust API to integrate with your Application/ERP Not Possible
Create Groups & Contacts Not Possible
Fully Secured Not Fully Secured, unauthorised person with PIN can easily dial in into conference and record the entire conversation.


Simple Web Panel : All functions can be controlled through a simple web control panel which is accessible from anywhere.

Simply Dial-Out: No Dial-In Number or PIN is required. Simply enter the numbers or select from contacts to start a conference.

Schedule Conference: You can easily schedule conferences at any time and our system will auto dial-out all the attendees.

Invite Tools: Schedule a Conference and send invitation through Email or SMS to all attendees.

One Click Conference: Start a Saved Conference with just a Click.

Conference by SMS: Start a conference even if you are not connected with your PC or Internet, just send an SMS from the registered mobile number along with the conference ID.

LIVE Broadcaster: Our Live broadcaster feature allows you to broadcast your Voice/Event/Speech to a mass audience with just a click.
Digital Meeting Minutes: Keep your call conference audio minutes for future references using the "Record Conference" feature.

If you are getting a noisy background from one of your attendees, then just "Mute" that particular person. If the addresser wants to switch to lecture mode during a conference our "Mute All" feature will mute all the attendees instantaneously.

Sub Conference: Addresser/Moderator can start a sub conference at any time while a conference is in progress.

Sub Users: You can create unlimited sub-users under your organization so that you can give separate login details to each employees for starting conference with their team members.

Welcome Message: Greet your attendees with your own welcome message before they enter into the conference room. Useful and helpful to brief the agenda of the meeting.

Lecture Mode: If you want to give a live speech to all your employees/attendees then our "Lecture Mode" feature will be an added advantage.

Mobile Application: Start a conference even from your mobile through our multi compatible mobile application (Android, IOS, Windows)

Auto Retry: If in case any attendees could not attend the call then system will automatically retry the number as per the frequency set by you.

Crystal Clear Voice Clarity : We are using uncompressed dedicated digital lines to ensure crystal clear voice clarity. (We are not transmitting/merging calls through Internet or VOIP)
Save More With Us: Our Lowest Rental Plans & Unique Dial-Out Conference service definitely saves your money by 50%.

Toll Free for Attendees: We charge only a nominal amount from the company so it is a completely toll free conference for attendees.

Highly Scalable: Our Cloud conferencing platform is highly scalable as the entire platform is seamlessly hosted and integrated with Mobile Operators MCN's

4 POP Locations: Currently we have 4 POP (Point of Presence). Locations in India are Trivandrum, Cochin, Bangalore & Delhi (Upcoming POP's are - Mumbai & Kolkata)

Best Security: We are aware and we shall give utmost preference to your Privacy, Security & Data Protection, for your LIVE conference room as well as for the saved audio files and for that, we have integrated the best security measures as per industry standards.

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